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Welcome to the Sacred Writing Space Cafe!

This is your place to connect to the many aspects to writing and being a writer!

Stephanie B started the Sacred Writing Space Cafe in 2006 when she taught college English.

The Sacred Writing Space is a place of reverence for the writing process, the writer, and the community.

This is a place where we leave judgment out of the process and allow growth, learning, in a positive and fun community.

Stephanie B has dedicated every Thursday to the Sacred Writing Space Cafe on her Radio Show "Ask, Stephanie B!" This is your time for discussions on the art of story telling, unblocking the craft of writing, meditations, publishing, guests and more!

This is a global community and you can join us live on internet radio, through our discussion board on meet-up, and our community blog. There are also workshops and retreats that members can join.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011

The Sacred Writing Space

Three years ago when I was a college English instructor at the Community College of Denver, the idea for the Sacred Writing Space was created. One of my favorite classes to teach was English Composition. Every freshmen is required to take this class, and for the new freshmen college students who had no clue about writing and most were not interested, it was a challenge to keep them engaged. Up until my class, most of my students had suffered through the "what did you do on summer vacation" mandatory essays, and had learned all these rules about what was acceptable in writing.

All of these experiences clouded and tainted their beliefs and thoughts on the writing process and many of them were resistant towards writing. My biggest obstacle as an educator was to spread my passion and love for writing, while teaching the most important aspects of writing.

The Sacred Writing Space is connecting to and understanding this special place where writing becomes your own world. It is a space where it doesn't matter if you're writing a short story or a master piece novel. The out come is not always to be a famous published author or even published!

It is about finding your voice, understanding the process, and sticking with the work; no matter the work! It's about not letting punctuation, spelling, or all the English rules stop or block your sacred space. Writing can help one analyze their lives better, reflect, and come to decisions. It can become a place of solace and comfort. Everyone can write, but a true writer uses this special place to connect to the deepest aspects within them. Writing can be a space for solace, understanding, and pure creativity.

The Sacred Writing Space is about finding this place of passion, commitment, and love for the craft of writing! As Toni Morrison recently said on Oprah, "Everyone needs to have a place that is all theirs. It's just a place where it's you,it can be creative, it can be a computer, it can be anything. It's your sacred place and you own it" (

It is my sincerest wish that this group becomes a light source for those wanting to reconnect and find their "Sacred Writing Space" and connect to their own understanding and craft!

 It is intended to uplift, teach, and help you to over come the blockages that stop or hinder your writing process. It's based on the premise that writing is a sacred act, and can be a meditative and exciting process!

For those of us that are called to write, for whatever reason know that it is both a process of joy and heartache, peace and chaos, and can if we allow it, be a space for us to be 100% in our own light.

 It is a space we own, create, and find solace within. I hope that you each will find and connect to your Sacred Writing Space, and join us as we awaken to the highest light source within us and connect to the raptures and whims of writing and peace!

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

Stephanie B. Garcia M.H.